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Taking into consideration the concerns our society contends with today, we create opportunities for a wider net of emerging artists, from the experienced to the impassioned novice.

Creating art/theater in an ever-changing world we believe in empowering talent, no matter their level of experience, to expand and share their craft, technique, and skillset within the framework of a production. We focus on principles of social justice, mental health, environmentalism and conservationism in our work and workplace and take steps and actions to ensure we address these concerns in a thoughtful and/or thought-provoking way.


We bring our art into public spaces rather than making the public come to us. Believing that all the world truly is a stage, we demystify the theater by making shows and experiences that people can stumble upon in their own neighborhoods. Forming in response to the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are dedicated to making affordable, easily-accessible theater for all. Adapting to the unique needs of our communities, we pledge to continually challenge ourselves to make theater that is a study in empathy, an interpretation of what it means to be human, and a reflection of the issues facing our audiences today. 


In crafting a culture of curiosity, we draw upon the unique experiences of each actor to create an environment in which professional theater-makers expand upon their technique and craft, learning from one another. The very nature of theater demands that it be a shared [collaborative] experience, not just between actor and audience, but artist to artist. With every show, we seek actors who can contribute to and benefit from an exchange of knowledge and grow together as artists. 

Our founding members are Julie Spina, Christine Reisig, and Josh Rubenstein.

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